Who we are I am?

I am a Solo Designer, Developer, Tester, Support Guy and a Husband who is working my ass out everytime my newborn is finding his sleep rhythm - to launch and maintain BedsForFans.com. Also foremost, I am a Football Fan!
You could follow me on twitter to know bit more of my interests.

Why BedsForFans?

It wasn't surely a rocket science to find a solution to a problem I myself faced many times before. Finding a place to stay while travelling to watch an away match wasn't easy and nor was pocket friendly.
I have tried to document this out here before I started to build this site. The explaination pretty much remains the same (till I update it here)

What else?

I am not a social media giant who is behind your money or data, but rather a Football Fan and an Indie Maker who wants to bring out solution for a problem I personally faced!
So, just hoping that you enjoy using #BedsForFans as much as I loved creating it for you.